DFM 4 • 1” Thick and DFM 8 • .5” Thick

Fiber Bond’s diffusion media consists of a blend of synthetic fiber sizes, bonding agents and a unique adhesive that coats every fiber. The result is uniform, high-quality filtration.

Rolls • Blankets • Pads • Panels

The Best Filters Begin With The Best Media.

DFM 4 • 1”

DFM 4 • 1″ Media

When used as a ceiling filter in downdraft booths, DFM 4 diffuses the air creating an even laminar flow throughout the booth.

DFM 8 • .5″ Media

DFM 8 is typically used in crossdraft spray booths. Its unique design assures directional stability of the air flow.

DFM Panels

DFM Panels Internal Support and External Support Designs

Ideal for installations with limited access. Internal support panels offer a 9-gauge grid sealed between the media. External support panels have an “X” grid on the air exiting side of the filter.

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